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Our Astera AL6-L wireless Wallwasher is made for uncomplicated event illumination and decorative lighting. Simply place it down next to a wall, switch it on and the wall will be transformed into a wash of colors.

rechargeable battery
48Watt LED power
flicker-free operation
stand-alone operation 
Illuminants:384 high-brightness bullet LED (96xR, 96xG, 96xB, 96xW)
Beam Angle:15 degree 
Diffuser Lens:Included, can be easily attached 
Battery:Built-in Li-Ion-Polymer battery for 8-24h of operation 
Working Voltage:110-240V, 50/60Hz 
Wireless Module:US version: 902-928MHz / 330yd
DMX Capable:Over integrated DMX sockets or W-DMX with ART3  
Housing:Linear aluminum housing and clear PMMA cover 
Dimensions: 39.2” x H2.4” x W2.4”
Weight: 8.8lb
Environment:Indoor & dry outdoor 
Extras:Gamma correction, temperature compensation, color calibration 
Included Accessories:Power cord for built-in power supply unit, diffuser lens 
Suitable Applications:Under table/ furniture lighting, effect lighting, wall washing, beach or tree lighting

Astera’s cordless wall washer is the ideal lighting solution for decorative event illumination. Its LED light source is fitted inside a slim and lightweight aluminum housing with also has a rechargeable built-in battery and a wireless RGB lighting controller. Because of its sophisticated light controlling system, it can be split into 6, 12 or 24 individual pixel which are lit up by 96, 192 or 384 bright LED lights.The multi-colored LED projector can also be connected to an DMX system over Astera’s Wireless DMX Transmitter. That way, it can be easily integrated into complex LED lighting setups and paint walls according to mood and ambience of big events and concerts.

The wireless LED wall washer is easy for installation because of wireless operation and cordless power. Also, the remote controller makes this wall washer easy to control at the push of a button with a 868MHz radio receiver wireless operation. For a simple wireless lighting setup it can be controlled by Astera’s small and lightweight Infrared remote control.  Colors can be chosen to rotate through pre-programmed color sequences or can be set as a solid color.  With the dynamic RGBW LED system a great number of color schemes can be realized, according to the event or occasion. The diversity of color and intensity can set the right lighting ambience for any need.

The wireless capabilities are powered by a powerful Li-Ion battery that provides 8-24 hours of operation time, depending on the intensity of the programmed light. This battery together with a low operation voltage provide enough power for a long event day or a complete show of any kind.  When connected with its power adapter, the multi-colored LED projector can also be used for bars, restaurants and other interior lighting systems. It can illuminate walls, ceilings or other surfaces with warm ambience light.

In addition, the Wireless Wall Washer is extremely environmentally friendly. One unit can light up a whole part of a room and the extra-bright LED light sources reduce energy consumption by 80% compared to conventional lighting. With its built-in rechargeable battery, this cordless projector is one of only very view wall washers that use rechargeable batteries which last for up to 1000 recharging cycles.

Compatible Controllers

  • ARC1

  • ARC2

  • ART3

  • ART6 AsteraBox™ and  ARCSET


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